Grow Your Career With Project Based Learning In Computer and Information Technology.


Our project based info-tech classes imparts quality education and industry related development related to development and implementation of skills for corporate workers, independent professionals and also for job sicker. Students require a holistic and unique approach for their problems. Our live classes up to this and simulates real world problems in its learning to make you the all-round.

We have high quality online study materials with world class virtual classroom and great learning platform of cloud based system are enriched with high quality knowledge base which helps learners to manage their study time.

Our project based courses are designed by top technologist and software professionals and always updated to meet the requirements of modern industries.


Python:- Course Fees INR 10,000/-

JAVA:- Course Fees INR 10,000/-

Machine Learning:- Course Fees INR 10,000/-

Data Analytics:- Course Fees INR 10,000/-

Cloud Computing:- Course Fees INR 10,000/-

Mock interviews and resume building session @INR 2000 per students

Important:- Minimum 15 students and maximum 20 students will be allowed in each batch. Students have to pay course fees in advance. No students are allowed to join the classroom before they pay the complete course fees. Fees are non refundable and non adjustable with any other courses.

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